Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awesome Web Sites:

I enjoy this site's sheer simplicity. It is a professional Photographer's page. You go there to look at his portfolio and that is what you get. Sean Williams' photography is what initially drew me to this page. I had seen a few of his pieces before so I went to this site. But, along with his unusual photography his layout and design kept my interest. 
The main page is way cool to look at from the beginning. The design is simply laid out. His logo is at the top, followed by the portfolio images below and then his contact info and artist statement is below that. You are able to click on each image and the rest of the photos from the portfolio will layer above the home page in a slide show. The overall background is great. A few of Williams' photographs are cycling through in a loop. They aren't distracting though, because they are all in a deeper value so it has an overall gray color to allow the portfolios to take the main focus. I love the color palette. The dark grays to blacks with subtle pops of colors, like yellow or green, are really appealing and say sophistication to me.

It would be cool to make a site for my photography work as a project...